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Getting to Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach is easy! Here are some options how to get around.


All roads lead to Longreach!! Longreach, the heart of the Outback, serves as the nexus for all travellers, whether journeying from the coast or traversing inland highways. Prior to your adventure, consult the Longreach Information Centre at for valuable insights on accommodations, attractions, and road conditions. The welcoming staff are adept at arranging bookings for both lodgings and attractions, ensuring a seamless experience.


Find great flights to Longreach with Qantas and Rex


If you choose to go by bus, Greyhound Australia has routes from Rockhampton to Longreach.


Motels, Boutique & Guest Houses

Longreach boasts a small yet charming selection of boutique hotels, each offering a unique and intimate experience. From historic buildings restored to their former glory to modern establishments with a touch of local flair, these boutique hotels cater to travelers seeking personalized service and attention to detail in the heart of the Outback.

Caravan Parks and Camping

Camping at one of Longreach's caravan parks is a breeze, offering a seamless experience for nature enthusiasts. A range of our well-equipped caravan parks provide a comfortable and convenient camping experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the great outdoors without the stress of traditional camping logistics.

Tour operators

Embark on the different kinds of outback adventures, from river cruises , desert tours and railway adventures to name a few. Glide along tranquil waterways, spotting wildlife and enjoying the serenity of the outback landscape. Nature retreats provide a peaceful escape, allowing visitors to reconnect with the environment and appreciate the untouched beauty surrounding Longreach.

Summer Season 9 Oct-24 Mar

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