“Return of the Catalina” DVD

“Return of the Catalina” DVD

In 1943 a few brave men reconnected an empire, by flying PBY Catalina Flying Boats non-stop for up to 32 hours across enemy territory, breaking the Japanese Air Blockade of Australia. They achieved the impossible, but despite all of this, the crews of the Double sunrise flights were never recognised for their brave efforts.

Today a few brave men hop to change all of this. As they restore and fly, a 70 year old Catalina Flying Boat, halfway across the world from Spain to Longreach, Queensland. In order to preserve and recognise the memory of the Double Sunrise Flights. Their epic journey, will inspire you to preserve and never give up hope. Directed by Daniel Bunker.

This is an award winning feature length film. Feature run time is 100 minutes.

The DVD also includes the following bonus features:

  • John Daley’s Buccaneer Adventure
  • Ross Kelly’s Lockheed Connie Flight
  • The unveiling of the Catalina
  • Flight of the DC3 Short Film
  • Music videos and trailers and much more.

“Return of the Catalina” DVD
$ 29.95 AUD